About Us

SG Pay Structure



Agent Deals 1-16: 87.5%

Agent Deals 17-25: 90%

​Agents Deals 26+: $300​​ transaction fee

Personal Deals: $300 transaction fee (per side)

Broker leads: 60% (net)

Commercial/Rental/Leases: 90%

Profit Sharing: $100 per deal

XProfit Sharing: $25 per deal

Booster: +$50, +$25

only applicable above $300 SG proceeds - per deal

No monthly, annual, transaction, or e/o fees

No mandatory meetings, minimums, or quotas

SG Compliance



SG Agents are 1099​

commissions paid only to licensee name

SG never holds escrow deposits

SG is never to be a single agent (transaction broker by default)

Contracts not to be handwritten (DocuSign/pdf encouraged)

All marketing to include:

brokerage name/logo

your name as appears on license

at least one form of contact information (phone # and/or email address)

SG Benefits



Exclusive Broker Support

Communal Office Space 

Flexible Working Environment

Quartely, Annual Top Agent Mixers